free ice at bermuda gallery

free ice

A One Night Art Event
Date: Friday, Feb 13, 2015
Location: Bermuda Gallery, 713 E. Potter Ave, MKE
Time: 6-10 PM

Maura Kelly Doyle and Brian Nigus (Perth, Australia / Milwaukee) -Sculpture/ Photography
Ella Dwyer (San Francisco/ Milwaukee) Painting
Bob Jones (Milwaukee/Chicago) – Sculpture
Nat Parsons (Oakland, CA) -Sculpture
John Riepenhoff (Milwaukee) -Performance
Marc Swanson (New York) Sculpture

FREE ICE is an art exhibit in a freezing temperature exhibition space. FREE ICE features art that is contingent on it’s existence in such a context, whether in the form of materials or content. This is a space where liquid becomes form, gas becomes solid. Detritus encountered while living in this environment for extended periods is a common experience and it’s alienating. The purpose of the show is to celebrate the cold together, in the coldest time of the season, on the unseasonable date of Friday the 13th. When the world gives you ice cubes, MAKE WATER!

A fire-pit will be available adjacent to the space as a warming element.

Bermuda Gallery was founded in 2014 in the Bayview community of Milwaukee. It is a 2-car garage space, well lit, with white walls on three sides and an open side facing the South.

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